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Dance Retailer News will host round table discussions for dance retailers at the 2019 Atlantic Dance Shows.  During the one-hour lunchtime sessions, some of the hottest topics facing today’s brick-and-mortar retailers will be discussed.  In an effort to help keep brick-and-mortar stores competitive in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, the group will work together to brainstorm potential solutions to industry-wide problems and share best practices. The conversations will be closed to manufacturers so that attendees can feel comfortable opening up about whatever is on their minds. To help frame the sessions, we’d like to know what you’d be most interested in discussing. Please answer the following questions below or submit responses to

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What is the biggest day-to-day challenge you face in your store?
What do you expect will be the biggest challenge you’ll face as you work to grow your business in the long term?
If you could ask a fellow dance retailer any question about his or her business, what would it be? Why?
What business skills are you most interested in developing in the near future?
Which topics interest you most?