Lunch Speakers 2019

Sunday Speaker: Gilbert Russell

40 Minutes – 40 Ideas That Will Improve Your Business!

Join us on Sunday for lunch and a fast paced presentation of 40 of the top ideas from Bob Negen’s 2018 Retail Success Summit.

Come and learn tips, tools and tactics that will make running your dancewear business easier, more fun and more profitable.

This session will be presented by Gilbert Russell, a Certified Whizbang Retail Coach. He is also an experienced dancewear retailer (30+ years) and the winner of the inaugural Dance Retailer News Award of Excellence.

Gilbert has chosen ideas that work well in a dancewear store. They are inexpensive and will be easy to implement when you get back to your shop.

So join us for a great lunch and an exciting presentation. Bring a pen and lots of paper – you’ll want to be taking notes!

Monday Speaker: Mark Geier

Topic: Change of Ownership

Mark Geier will speak about preparing your business for a change of ownership.