Sunday 8:00 am                  Eurotard
            “How Eurotard will Protect and Grow Your Business”
            Review of NEW 2020 Shoes and give away free shoes to each attending stores.
Sunday 8:00 am                  FlexiStretcher
            “Stretch and Strengthen with FLX”
Sunday 9:15 am                  So Danca
            ”2020 Vision:  Discover the Sara Mearns 2020 collection on live
            models and be introduced to content we create for everyone in our dance community”
Sunday 9:15 am                  Russian Pointe
            “Rubin Radiance and New Products for 2020”
Sunday 12:15 pm                  Speaker: Gilbert Russell                                                             
            Explode Your Sales : A Marketing System for Successful Retailers”
(Bring your lunch in)
Monday 9:15 am                  Eurotard
Monday 12:15 pm                   Speaker: Gilbert Russell                                                                

            “Retail Sales Academy : How to Create a Service Culture that Sells”

(Bring your lunch in)